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Old 01-23-2019, 08:29 AM   #106
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Originally Posted by PrincessFalafal View Post
Speaking of quirks, did yours seem to run abnormally cool on the freeway? Taking it to work the past couple of days the engine temp has never gotten over 135f on the freeway, and barely rises above 150 puttering around town.
The Multi ran quite a bit cooler than my last sportbike. I don't think it was ever down to 135, but I didn't ride much in the winter and wasn't paying attention to the engine temp when I did. Try asking in the Multi forum on or join one of the local Ducati Facebook groups: Bay Area Desmo Owners Club (BADOC) or Desmo of Silicon Valley (DesmoSV).
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Old 01-23-2019, 11:46 AM   #107
Are we having fun yet?
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Name: Gary
The typical temp displayed on my '13 Multi is in the mid-160F range. It'd creep up to 190F-200F at a long stop light.

Torque-wise, when I test rode a '15 w/ DVT, it didn't feel that torquey up to 6k rpm. I got my '13 after that, and it feels pretty torquey from 3k rpm all the way up. The couple of KTM 1190 Adventures I rode felt somewhere in-between - the throttle response is less explosive than the '13 Multi down low, but more progressive.
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Originally Posted by Junkie View Post
Normal and right aren't the same thing.

If your engine is operating at 135F, you're ending up with significantly more water and fuel in your oil. That reduces oil life and engine life.
That was kind of my worry. One other '16 Multi owner I've spoken to said his bike has done the exact same thing since new as well, so . . . who knows. Ducati says it's normal behavior.
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