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Moab on my mind
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Name: Yard Sale
Glad it wasn't worse. Post x-rays if you join the open reduction internal fixation (or whatever it's called) club.

I rode the 2 line today and it kicked my ass. The heat, me rushing to finish, the too-difficult sections, the back-to-back sections.

First was section 3: Climbing right turn over rocks, tight left turn over fewer rocks, downhill over rocks, hard right. The checker congratulated me for having the highest top speed of anybody. Loop 2 I slowed considerably and took 2 dabs because of lack of momentum turning over rocks. Loop 3 I kept it slow and took a 1 for the same reason, almost a 2 but for a great mid-turn save.

Section 4: Easy straight shot to a right hand turn over rocks, downhill to a choice of lines to set up a right turn followed by a very difficult off-camber rock. I got stuck on the rock and took a 2 and checker Adrian said I needed a smaller front sprocket to slow me down and keep me in control. Hmm, two sections in and I already sense a theme. Loop 2 got worse and Loop 3 I tried the more difficult wider line for a straight shot at the final rock. Ended up on my ass with a 5.

Section 5 was an inverted U climb, turn, descent with rocks galore. At the bottom there was an otherwise easy right turn made difficult by some nasty rocks. I wasn't paying attention and lost the front there, dabbed, and took a 5 because the bike was over 45 degrees. Loop 2 I took a 1 dabbing there and Loop 3 was either a 0 or 1.

Section 6 had to be ridden immediately after 5 without walking it. (You could walk them both together but had to ride them back to back.) I got lost then took a 5 trying to get back on line. Loop 2 and 3 were much better, 1 and 0, though I think bouncing my shoulder off a tree mid-turn should count as a dab

Section 7 started with a nasty shark fin rock in the middle of a tight turn, but putting your front tire around the outside caused your rear tire to track to the inside and you never touched the fin rock. Then a big sandy right to set up for a tight rocky left. Then downhill for a rocky right. Except for the first loop I straightened the tight left and made a tricky beeline to the end gate for a craft 0. The checker asked, "What did you do?" On loop 2 I realized my beeline took me through the start gate. DOH! (I asked them to give me a 5 for the first loop.) I took a couple dabs on loops 2 and 3.

Section 8 had a nasty first turn, a right around a tree with a big slanted rock you could not avoid. You had to put your front tire on it and do a floater turn or something. Or plan a dab. Sherwood happened to be there and told me what to do, go big and ride the front tire up on the big part of the slanted rock. So I did and it was awesome. I zeroed that section every loop and made it my bitch.

Section 1 had us go over a small tree followed by a left turn with no run up to a larger chewed up tree. I got hung up bad on it on loop 1, then dabbed again making the tight right hander following it. Loop 2 got better with a 1 and I cleaned Loop 3.

Section 2 was easy, too easy. Over a small branch between trees for the first gate, slight left, across a dip, left turn around a tree in some chewed up bark, and cruise to the end gate. At the dip I sensed something was wrong and got a 5 on my clean run for going through the 0 gate. Loops 2 and 3 were clean.

My first loop score was horrific and loops 2 and 3 got much more respectable.

After the event Bryce held a seminar for checkers working the nationals. Phone pics below.

That's how this works, man. The one with the gun gets to tell the truth.
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