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Old 09-14-2018, 08:32 AM   #1

Join Date: Apr 2016
Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: 2004 Ninja 250 2013 Honda CBR 500R 2018 Triumph Street Triple R
Parking lots for Practice

I live in Japantown and was wondering if there are nearby parking lots that are empty on weekends to practice in over the weekend. Iíve been to the one at Cityís a college near Balboa Park but thatís pretty far to drive just for some practice. What are some areas to practice low speed maneuvers in the city?
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Old 09-14-2018, 10:31 AM   #2

Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: 09 sv650s
Not really any closer, but I've found the lot behind the United Artists theater at Stonestown to be empty almost always. I haven't had any issues with security, and the lot is pretty large. I live in the Haight so I'd be curious to know if there are any closer parking lots too.
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Old 10-11-2018, 09:18 AM   #3
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Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: East Bay
Motorcycles: CBR 600RR DR 650 CRF 230
Stonestown lot is good

I went to SFSU and the Stonestown lot was a large enough one to practice in.
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Old 01-17-2019, 04:26 PM   #4

Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: Ninja 250 2009
try schools I dont live by jap town but Ive just been going to Malcolm X parking lot and Kipp high school if you have any schools nearby try going late weekends..
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