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Old 08-31-2018, 10:58 PM   #12586
2wheels good 4wheels bad
kelsodeez's Avatar

Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: sandy eggo
Motorcycles: SV650
Name: Kelso
Bought PSVR tonight with Firewall Zero Hour. holy shit! the hype is so god damn real. Its everything ive ever wanted out of a FPS. seriously, if you're on the fence about buying PSVR, go buy it now! this game makes it completely worth it.

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Old 10-13-2018, 05:58 PM   #12587
Mecanico El Supremo
TheRobSJ's Avatar
Founding Member

Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Santa Clara
Motorcycles: 2016 H-D FLHTK
Name: Rob
Ok kids. It’s that time of the year again. Who’s in on the new Call of Duty? They ain’t even wasting time with a campaign this time. You get multi, zombies, and the most interesting part the battle royale mode. For the first time in since like MW2, I have failed to pick it up on release day. But I’ll get it as soon as I have time. The BR mode is a welcome change. I might have retired from COD if they hadn’t put it in.
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