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Guess who I found hard at work?

Thursday 29th June, Day of Champions before the British round of MotoGP. For those who don't know, it's a chance for the public to buy access to the pits and paddock pre-event. All the money raised goes to charity. All the riders come out and the day ends with a big auction. Check here for details

So there I am round the back of the pit garages and I bump into this bloke hard at work. Had a chat. Great guy. He did seem to be doing a bit of work, I joked about him washing wheels to which he replied ' yep, that's my wheel right there'

Top chap, nice to meat you Liam!!


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Hugh Jasole
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Nice, thanks for the 'spy' shots of Liam in action
"WOW! This crash is going awesome!"---our very own Liam

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you should post these in his thread!
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Is it just me, or does that first pic have a "GQ" or "Runway" stance to it!?
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