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Few pictures from my Hardtail project

So my current project is a 1969 z50a K1 (hardtail style mini trail)

im doing a good amount of composite work for the project as well as fabricating a good amount of the parts.

Got the CF front fender finished last night. Just needs a trim and a shot of clear.

Here is the process for the fender as it went.

First i layid up bondo all over the original fender and smoothed it out and painted to make a plug for the mold.

Next i laid out a few layers of fiber glass to make a nice mold.

after that i laid out the Carbon fiber on the mold. This is what it looked like right before i popped it off the mold.

and this is what it looked like right after i popped it out of the mold.

Here is how the project sits now.

Lots to do on it still, im not going to get into everything but ill give some updates as the big steps are finished.

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