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This will stand great side by side with charging golden gate bridge pedestrians and bicyclists to use the sidewalk idea. Oh well I'm going to go stock up on air.
Oh well I always took Sonora to Hawthorne I guess this new fee will not help sway me over to Tioga

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I'm scareoused!
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Originally Posted by onabikeagain View Post
This seems to me to be bias against motorcycles and an attempt to discourage riding into or through the park. I would think that an increase for motorcycles from $10 to $15 would be more in line with the percent increase applied to cars and that is what I proposed in my feedback.
Loud pipes cost rights. Unfortunately, I've had to have this conversation far too many times. Motorcyclists tend waive the freedom and individuality banner whenever they want to do something self-centered, but never seem to want to accept responsibility for what their actions cause.

Yosemite is a beautiful, peaceful place. A cruiser or sport bike running through their with straight pipes takes a lot away. Bikes have a huge impact for being a fairly small minority of visitors. By being inconsiderate, we wear out our welcome, and start to lose some of the privileges we previously enjoyed.
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while the bike may not "use the road" as much, a single rider uses it just as much as any car with a single passenger
the fee should have base fee (cars and bikes may differ here) for passage +1 user, then add per users beyond
quote:Originally posted by MLohmeyer

Ya, those brake pads get pretty expensive. That's part of what I meant about racing vs. just doing track days. Why waste a perfectly good brake pad if you aren't trying to win a trophy.

"It's frustrating if you're a microbe that's been wandering the Universe for a million years to then die striking the surface of Europa," --Dr Gladman
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Fee is $15 per motorcycle (no per-person fee); beginning January 2016, the fee will be $20 per motorcycle. Annual pass is $60 and it can be shared with another person. Once you're 62 years old it's practically free to visit most to all National Parks / Federal Lands.
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I'd be in support of banning any motorcycle that didn't pass a specific sound level test at idle and letting the rest in for free.

National Parks are not the city or your local canyon/twisty proving grounds. They are meant to be places of solitude and respect for "natural" space. Your open exhaust and decatted 4-into-1s don't belong there.
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Riding every day
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I'm not sure I like the idea of charging less for motorcycles unless all National Parks begin charging more for vehicles over 6000lbs GVW. Given the huge surge in rental RV camping in the National Parks, they could make their maintenance money this way instead of trying to pretend that a motorcycle with one or two people on it has anything like the same impact on the park's infrastructure and resources as a "RV America" camper with a family of five in it, 80 gallons of water, 60 gallons of sludge and grey water...etc.
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raise the tax to
$20.usd per bike. ( one or two person).
$25.usd trike/sidecar, (max three) + addional passangers.
$40.usd car, (max 4)..+ additional passangers.
$45.usd unloaded pu truck, max four +$10.usd per head
$60.usd loaded pu truck. max four +$10.usd per head.
all rv starting at $100.usd and up based on gvwr, (sticker on door/reg) and $10.usd per head. max two person, additional $10.usd per head.
bus $500.usd + $10.usd per head.
us born over age 65 FREE.
retired milatary FREE
last two lines, you and spouce both over age 65, all free, no tax per cage, pu, rv.

not a citizen of the USA a tax of $20.usd added per head to any of the above.

and this is the DAY rate, overnight far more. providing space to "camp" reverations required.


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I pay nothing.... Golden Age Passport, and with this face, they don't even ask to see it, they just smile and wave me through.
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Is right behind you
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I buy a yearly pass and have no problem with them raising the entrance fee. They do a good job protecting and expanding the park. They are not trying to punish the MC they are just trying to pass along a nominal fee for all to help pay to protect and service the park.

All in.
Mean people suck.

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Originally Posted by jsolve View Post
Fee is $15 per motorcycle (no per-person fee); beginning January 2016, the fee will be $20 per motorcycle. Annual pass is $60 and it can be shared with another person. Once you're 62 years old it's practically free to visit most to all National Parks / Federal Lands.
Only 40 years to go.

I wonder if there's any military discount

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Originally Posted by YouSeeIt View Post
The NPS has proposed to raise the entrance fees for motorcycles in Yosemite National Park by 150%!

Cars' entrance fees will only go up 50%, from $20 to $30. But bikes will have to pay $25 (up from $10)! How do they justify soaking us for almost as much as a car, when bikes (and their riders/passengers) have a fraction of the impact that the cars do?

Please contact the NPS at or via U.S. Mail at: Superintendent, Attention: Proposed Fee Increase, P.O. Box 577, Yosemite, CA 95389. Comments are accepted until November 20, 2014. An open house comment forum will be held at the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center on November 12th.

Please contact NPS and point out how excessive this fee hike is. I already sent in my comment - please send your own!
thank you. We need to put in the "Riders Rights" section. i will have my staff get right on that.

Any of you guys can copy and paste too, and we will clean it up to make it as effectual as possible.

You guys rock.
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