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Damage due to road condition?

Apologies if this isnt the right place to post this.

Hey guys, I hit a pothole on Grizzly Peak Blvd the other day (heading back down from the wall) - nearly lost the bike it hit so hard.

Anyhow - did an inspection after I got home and both wheels are bent. They still hold air, but not something I'd take to the track.

I've done a bit of researching around after getting a tip from a friend - it looks like I can get reimbursed for the damage by Caltrans/county, but I'm not sure what all it will take. Hoping somebody with experience on this can chime in.

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You can if the hazard was reported to the city/county and they did not address it in a reasonable amount of time. The hazard would also have to be unavoidable at a reasonable speed, but that is probably moot. Based on they size/kind of bikes you ride, it is obvious that speed was not a factor.
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Did you take Centennial? Centennial is terrible if you don't know where the 4inch patch of smooth-ish pavement is on that downhill righthand sweeper.

Though, to answer your question:

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