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Which front wheel for swapping 2001 Gsx-r750 forks onto 2nd gen sv650?

I have scored the following items from a 2001 GSX-R 750:
Forks (showa)
brake calipers
brake master cylinder and hoses
brake discs

It looks like the gixxer clip-ons might be a bit low, but I read that TL1000 clip-ons are a direct fit.

Which front wheel should I use for the swap? I assumed gixxer 750 of the same vintage as forks, but the sticky thread on the svrider seems to suggest a TL1000 wheel and brakes? Is there a way to reuse the SV650 front wheel?
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No way to use SV wheel.
That's not true! The lie is actually the truth! I know. Lots of people know this.
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