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Article about old WSBK or AMA crash involving James Randolph

Hey guys! (sorry for cross-posting with Racer's Corner)

I once read a great article about a massive pile-up type crash local racer James Randolph was involved in with a bunch of famous old racers way back in the day.

James and I have a kid together - a super sweet, athletic and imaginative five year old named Jimmie.

This article was so good that I'd like to print out of a copy of it so it doesn't get lost. I want little Jimmie to be able to read it someday when he wants to hear cool stories about his awesome dad. We can't find it.

Anyway, I think the race may have been WSBK or AMA, was either at Sonoma or Laguna, and Rich Oliver may or may not have been involved. Someone's motor fell out and ended up yards away from the scene. It talked about how massive the crash was, that surely someone had died in it (and maybe someone did, in which case, rest in peace rider), and nobody could locate James, and then later the writer spotted him storming through the paddock "with a band-aid on his pinky." Or something like that.

This is a total long shot but I figured it was worth a try. And if any longtime racing fans out there have cool old footage or pictures or articles about James and want to share, I'd love to start collecting it all.

Thanks! Ride safe, be careful!

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Roadracing world archives...??

You could also contact JU/Editor to ask possibly??

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by budman View Post
Roadracing world archives...??

You could also contact JU/Editor to ask possibly??

Good luck!
Yea, they're pretty nice people.

You might also try Dean Adams at SuperbikePlanet. I dunno if he was up and running back then, though. Rich Oliver, did he ever race Superbike? He was always a 250 guy I think, and, boy, they haven't run that in, well...a long time.

Does Cycle News have archives?
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