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Helmet question

I do about 50% dirt and 50% street on my crf250l and I am looking for a new helmet. I am looking at getting an Arai XD4 Dual sport helmet but I have never used one. Can anyone tell me how they are? what do you like or dislike about them? I am also looking at a traditional MX helmet. Shoei VFX-w what would you get and why.
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Regular MX helmet will give a good cool factor.
I know of a couple of guys using the Arai and they seem pretty happy.
I am looking at getting a similar one as well.
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I've worn my VFX-W on the street before and it sucks. It was extremely loud (no surprise I guess since it's open face) and the aerodynamics at highway speed had my head bouncing around like a bobble head.

Sorry, no personal experience on the Arai XD4, but it has to be better than VFX-W was at highway speed.
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