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Route input: SC mountains and beyond

Route input: SC mountains and beyond

Hey BARF, I'm doing some preliminary planning on a ride down to the central coast and thinking of taking the SC mountains for the first part. It looks like if I take a left just before the Summit Store, I can get on Loma Prieta Way, looking at other threads, it looks like it's dirt, but I couldn't tell if it's a private road or parts of it private. Can I take it all the way to Mt. Madonna? Experienced dirt riders only or can mediocre dirt skills handle it?

Are there any fun ways to get to or close to Monterey from Mt. Madonna? That part of 1 between Watsonville and Monterey always seems like a bit of a slog.

Also, on the way back I'll probably be coming from 25, if it's not too hot. It looks like I can pick up Castro Valley Rd where 25 and 101 meet and then catch 152 and do the reverse of above. Does that seem right, or are there some must ride roads?

I should add, no GPS will be used on this trip.

Any and all input/advice welcome and thanks in advance.
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