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Originally Posted by budman View Post
I found that above 5 hours is a long drive.

So given that Holister or Coalinga etc. is pretty central.
All of SoCal and NorCal to Thill right there.

Fernly is being repaved shortly and will open later this year FYI.
LOL in California, I agree with you. In the rest of the country, 5 hrs is a nice jaunt.
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Originally Posted by Holeshot View Post

My NASCAR love is where I came by the info...They may do an outdoor road course.
Huh. Interesting.

I'm not enough of a NASCAR fan to have an opinion. What little I've seen of it, I find short tracks make me dizzy trying to watch them, but perhaps they offer more action and passing, which is probably a good things for fans.

I find the comment about land interesting, I guess we could certainly use more warehouses out here. (I live probably < 5 miles from the track.) It's not the "highest quality" land, it certainly wouldn't go residential.

Before we got clobbered by COVID, I was hoping to go out and catch WERA West (I think they still run there). I haven't been there since 2008, or 2009 when AMA/DMG stopped going.

Be curious to see a new track map, interesting it's now owned by NASCAR.
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Originally Posted by blrmaker View Post
LOL in California, I agree with you. In the rest of the country, 5 hrs is a nice jaunt.
I was talking racetrackifornia.
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Berth, agree on the new track map. short tracks are a lot more fun to watch than places like Fontana...not much racing action during the races there...
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not Stan
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The Fontana road course asphalt has just been getting worse and worse. Since they were never going to repave it, I can’t say I’m sad to see the track go relatively soon. Plus trackday prices are kinda ridiculous.

If Fontana does add an outer road course, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a good track. It’ll probably be LVMS quality, not as good as BW or THill.

WERA West will probably race Fontana, LVMS, BW, and Big Willow in 2021. People still show up, but it’s def not as busy as it used to be.
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