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Naughty Forever
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Cool <<< SF Monthly Night Ride Friday 10/30 HALLOWEEN RIDE >>>

Place: Marina Green parking lot. Scott @ Marina Blvd.
Time: Meet up 7:00pm
Leaving your late sorry ass behind: 7:30pm

For those who have thought about going on this ride, this is the month you want to come out and ride. It's one of the best ones we have for the entire year.

HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!!! Dress up in your cutest, scariest or craziest costumes cuz we're gonna freak out some tourist!

Here's a few more vids from past Halloween rides..... best part was running into Critical Mass!

Guess who was louder!

This vid was from a bystander in Critical Mass.

Start at the 1:50 mark and that's where we roll in!

2017 Lombard St

Here's another vid from one of our riders (minus the freeway in the beginning)

If you were wondering what was going on...

picture this... only 20 die hard people showed up becuz of the weather. so we had a reaper, matrix guy, pimp, buzz lightyear, captain america, gorilla...etc half way through the ride it started to rain so we called it off and headed to McDonalds. The cops was called becuz a guy was asked to leave McDonalds or didn't respond to the staff there. So Mean Dad put on his gorilla costume and walked over to where the cops where on the right corner of the video. The cops did everything they could not to laugh. You had to have been there, it was priceless.

Pictures too!

So get your costumes out of the closet, go make one or go buy one cuz it's gonna be a really fun night.

Everyone is welcome to join in... EXCEPT THE DUMB ASSES THAT CAN'T READ BELOW!!!

- Safety First Always (ride within your own limits, we will have someone sweeping in the back)
- Fill up your gas tank (as stupid as that sounds, every ride there's someone that ends up going home early cuz they didn't have enough gas)
- Closest Gas Station { }
- Have fun!
- Most important tip, Safety First!!!
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3 bikes a week.
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Oh man, I think 2009 was around the last time I went to one of these too that Critical Mass one was epic.
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Lion of Judah
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get your custom made/printed neck sleeve here TheCarolineDesign
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General Menace
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Name: Budman

So much two wheel love here.
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BiG Chris
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Name: Chris
trying to get the bike back together for this
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Exciting !! hopefully bikes running for this event , should be fun
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-Street Track Dirt ATV's-
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