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Name: Butch
Super Hunky (remember him?) says:

"Top 10 Dirtbike Enemies"

Veteran contributor Rick Sieman offers a strongly opinionated message about those who are trying to kill the sport of dirtbike riding.

"Here we are, in a sport surrounded by dirtbike detractors, and we’re trying to figure out who the really bad guys are and what started the perennial land use fight in which we find ourselves in the first place?"

Etcetera. Good Article.
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Good article. Thanks Butch. I remember that Super Hunky mustache well.

I am surprised he did not list the dirt bike street boys though.

It is so true that the greenies KICK OUR ASS in coming together and throwing down $$$..

Thanks to a few groups AMA and CORVA we get a seat at the table, but fighting lawyers is not cheap nor easy.

BTW.. you and I are not on that number 1 list. We try. As do some others hanging here. One of them got a barfie for it (besides you).
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I remember the Super Hunky...he kinda rambles a bit these me!
He's probably at the effect of one too many desert race get-offs..
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