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pre-2000 cars still need to do the dyno. I recently smogged my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Ugh I pretty much only have 90's cars. Pretty much if you car doesn't have a check engine you should pass provided you have all the monitors ready which is the problem my eclipse had.
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The regs are pretty chicken shit.
My kid's car failed because they couldn't find the timing mark on the first cylinder.
Despite the fact that her 1993 car had lower emissions than anything I've ever seen.
She was within 20% of the low side of specs, and they still failed her car (the state organization installed the torque converter 180 degrees off, so the mark fires on the #4 cylinder)

Bureaucracy sucks. End of rant.
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I had a smog shop fail a '78 F250 High Boy I used to have because they couldn't read the timing marks. They seriously spent over half an hour going over that truck looking for every little smog thing they could find. They were baffled by the false fuel door on the bed as well (tank was in cab on it). I had to yell at them when they were trying to yank it open.
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My '73 Challenger blew less than 10% of the allowed pollutants but they failed it because the air cleaner was Ford Blue. I took it home rattle canned that shit black and took it to a different place. they passed it. Took the car home threw the air cleaner in a bin and put the 360 degree pie plates back on. stupid smog rules.

If a car blows cleaner than it needs to then it should pass no matter what it has under the hood.
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I was able to easily register my out-of-state bike at Liberty Tax. I sincerely hope they donít make things harder.
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