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Outdoor Garage on sidewalk in front of my apartment?


I had a quick question regarding people's experiences and the laws in SF. Obviously legally you can't park on the sidewalks but on my block alone there are 3 bikes that are parked on the sidewalk, out of pedestrians way of course. I have been doing it personally for the last 6 months and have never had an issue. That being said I put a cover on it every night when I get home and it gets pretty obnoxious plus isn't the best solution for winter. I was thinking about buying a permanent Bike Shield to post right in front of my house on the sidewalk where I have been parking my bike every day.

Has anyone ever done anything like this? What are the legal ramifications of putting a permanent structure (would anchor it down) on property that isn't technically mine even if it is right in front of my house to the side of our driveway out of everyones way? Any suggestions or advice?

Appreciate the input! Cheers!
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Why not one of these:

Paint it to look like your building and everyone thinks it just belongs there.
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You've been getting away with parking on the sidewalk. Don't complain when you get cited. Lot's of folks come here complaining about what they perceive as unfair parking enforcement and how they "picked on me" or "I've been doing it forever" or "all they want is my money" or ........
If you want to draw attention to yourself, put a permanent structure on either city property or city right of way.
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i live where we have these things called garages. and yards. great invention.
perfect place to put all my junk.

if you park on a sidewalk do not complain about the tickets and towing/storage fees, + damages.
sure can get away with it for years. but built anything there and i bet the parking enforcement will be all over you in a hart beat.

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