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Lester Green
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Connie because that chick dropped everything the night before thanksgiving to drive from Livermore to Palo Alto to pick up some poor sap who broke down. my hats off to her.

all the other obvious heroes have been mentioned.
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General Menace
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Name: Budman
Really to many to list.

Valgar because his dedication to barf is an amazing thing and without that the barf would not be what it is.

Bap for always being willing to help and being there to bounce shit off of for 8 years.

Silversvs, Enchanter, Data Dan and Connie for their work with moto safety are near the top.

So many members have overcome crashes, life challenges and more..Paul, Adam.. etc etc..

So many have supported barf in so many ways.. volunteering at 1Rider deals, helping with the race team, leading our rallies.

All the Moderators past and present who have spent countless hours moderating the site that can be very frustrating at times. I feel that because of these folks barf has grown to be a pretty good place.

Dad's like Ivan (97rr) and Matt that give their kids so much support in chasing their passions.

Guys like Keith Code that take time from world travels to interact with us.

theSteveco for having the vision to start this place and all the members that have created a community by leading group rides, having social gatherings, help their fellow riders, give insight into the ride, provide great threads about so many diverse subjects..

Hero's is a strong word.. but we have so many good people that deserve a handshake a smile and my gratitude.
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Originally Posted by Happy Hornet View Post
It's Thanksgiving and I thought we needed a BARF Heroes recognition thread thread. u are already way beyond hero status)
I salute the already mentioned BARFers, but want to put in a plug for all those noobs who come here and ask the noob-questions. Not only do they remind us of things we may have forgotten over the years but sometimes they inadvertently create some epic and memorable threads.

Big salute to Budman, for his generosity and dedication to this site.

'18 R1200R
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Repsol HRC... Swag!!!
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SteveCo, budman, & ME!!!
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Backside Slider
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Connie, special award with clusters. Above and beyond the call of duty!

And a very special "thanx, Russ"
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Gnarly Cranium
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wrbrown and neo777 for helping me (and a couple other folks) out after crashes.

wrbrown and ironbutt also receive the Awesome BBQ award.

...And BARF in general, for helping me survive my first year and a half learning to ride in the heart of San Francisco. Without the stuff I've learned here who knows where I'd be, but probably not riding!
Originally Posted by Z3n
Fuck naw, dawg. I gotta terrorize da streets with my homies. Then I'm gonna show some wall who's boss, then I'll bareback mah bro, and in the post coital haze, I'll defend the rep of stunnas the world over on the intahnet. Stunt lyfe, ride on one. One bro.

(no homo)
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Max Smiley and Magyarbetyar and Mrtnz for being some of the first barfers that made me feel welcome at a meet.
Cat_In_Sf for opening her home to so many barfers and making epic foodz
Elskipador for fixing my shit
Valgar for fixing this site, and making old nerd jokes
Bap for helping me learn to ease down on a ride.
Budbandit, Thump, GaryJ and GIXXERSIN for being some excellent riding coaches when I was a n00b.
OFG and OFW for hosting the awesome parties.
SVSick50 for the Flava Guy thread
Flava Guy for the Flava Guy thread
Senna68, motorkid, and chainlash for helping me get into racing.
f4iChic for being a cranky old git, even if she's really kinda sweet.
Anyone I;ve ever ridden with, camped with, froze my balls off with, had a beer together or just had a great chat.

Looking over this list, there's a whole lot of old fuckers on here who rarely post, if at all - My life is such where I've taken a step back from this board and its community - so here's a thanks to all the folks I don't know so well or havent met, that keep the great community of this place going. you all rawk.
Sandra Bland didn't kill herself either.
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Don't forget Servyynnnnn...
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Hooli for starting..Funniest pic thread! Not work Safe..or politically correct..

Sometimes, I check in here just to look at this thread.

Thank you Hooli!!!!
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There are some definite heroes listed here...I can't think of any that haven't been mentioned. A hero is a special person and given the weight of the definition, it makes sense that there aren't tons of them.

That said, I'd like to recognize Roadstergal, WoodsChick and NemoBrinker as three people of significance here. Their humorous take on life, skills and devotion to riding always leave me wanting to hear more from them.

s h e l t e r w e r k
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Originally Posted by kevin 714 View Post
while not a "hero" in the standard sense, jimrace went out of his way for many years and used his racing contacts to make some epic threads.


p.s... I talked to some dude named Ben yesterday. Can't shut that guy up...
former AFM #250
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Oops, I thought the thread title was "BARF Herpes". But while I'm here I'll add mcarb for saving a cat from what was essentially on "Death Row", and ScorpioVI for giving her a permanent home when she didn't play well with mcarb's other cat.

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Today is sad as we have lost another brother... Two heroes of BARF for me are Cygnus (Steve) and RydThr (sp? Bill). These guys were always there for others and many times at the sacrifice of their own needs... Godspeed to the both of you, I miss you terribly...
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Doc Wong and GaryJ
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Originally Posted by hyperdookie View Post
Oops, I thought the thread title was "BARF Herpes". But while I'm here I'll add mcarb for saving a cat from what was essentially on "Death Row", and ScorpioVI for giving her a permanent home when she didn't play well with mcarb's other cat.
Hey thanks. You can add yourself to that list as well.
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