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Location: Ca
Motorcycles: 1972 Kawasaki H2, 1990 FZR400,90 RGV VJ22 L
Buying a special construction Ca titled motorcycle

I'm thinking of buying a bike that has a Ca special construction title.
From the Ca DMV website it states that "not for resale" Not sure
what that means since I see Choppers and kit cars for sale here with
special construction titles. Yes the bike in question is a 90's grey marker
smoker. I have dealt with Ca title compliance in Sacramento in the past
with my RGV250 and that was a nightmare.
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Old 07-07-2016, 04:06 PM   #2

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Location: california
Motorcycles: 2004 FZ1 1993 klr 650 1978 xl 350

special construction = show only.

unsafe for the streets.

welding will not be up to any code, stresses will excide the supports and the bike will fail, soon... latter?

special construction = worked over rebuild crashed harley.
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Name: Fish
Special construction means assembled from parts or custom built. There are hanky ones, and there are good ones. A grey market smoker with a special construction title is gold.

As far as the crashed Harley/unsafe comment... I'll assume you build and ride such a vast variety of custom motorcycles that you are speaking from a place of experience and knowledge.
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