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Used dealer still hasn't transferred Title

Looking for some advice...
I purchased a used bike from a small used motorcycle dealer on 10/13/20 and he still has not completed the Title Transfer.
I've contacted him a few times and he's given me the run around and keeps telling me 'it should be another week'.
My temp plate is due to expire on 1/11/21 and I just contacted him to tell him if he doesn't get my documents by then I want a refund but no answer.
To make matters worse, I'm now digging through my paperwork and don't really have a complete bill of sale from him... I feel really dumb but I guess great lesson learned, which is to have the dealer show you the Title when completing the sale as well as full receipts...
I'm pretty sure he didn't own the bike which is why there's all this delay.
Any advice on what the laws are and what my options are?
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My guess is the title is probably held by a bank and the original loan hasn't been paid off, so he doesn't have the title. Sketchy dealers will take vehicles in on trade, load the negative equity onto the new vehicle and when they sell the trade-in, then they pay off the note. You should be able to do a VIN check and see if it still shows a lien holder.
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