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Are Dirtbikes Becoming Too Expensive?

Hey everyone. So I have been riding since I was a kid, and have dabbled on and off as an adult on all sorts of different bikes. Lately, I have been considering selling my DR650 and getting something more dirt oriented. I have come to realize I enjoy dirt riding far more than street riding, and the DR is heavy for singletrack. So I have been cruising the interwebs and I can't believe how expensive the used dirtbike market is. The only thing crazier is the new bike market and it has me wondering, Does all this new tech put bikes out of reach for the average rider? The last dirt bike I bought was a 2006 crf450r in 2010. At the time it was a very low hour bike, with a lot of good extras and I paid 3k for it. I sold that bike 2 years later after I had an accident for $2600 and thought it was fair. That same bike today is being sold for $4k+. at this point its a 15 year old bike and its still worth more than I paid at the time. I also look at some of the new enduro's from KTM, Husky, etc and they are $12k-$14k out the door. It just seems crazy to me. I have always hoped that some day I could get my kids into riding, but lets say as a family of 4 we have no bikes. If I buy a 450, buy my kids each a CRF125f and the wife something similar, plus a trailer im looking at minimum $20k dollars if we buy new. I get that these modern bikes get better and better tech every year, but at what cost? I have to think the cost of these new bikes are also driving the prices of used bikes. Nobody is selling their 2017 enduro for $3k, because 3 years ago, someone paid $12k. Does this just destroy the family aspect of dirtibke riding?
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