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Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: san Rafael
Motorcycles: 05 Ducati Monster S4R, 85 Kawasaki 750turbo
Looking for a place in / around Marin (San Rafel)

Well, so ... I will have to move, pretty soon.
(Hopefully by the end of July. So, I have just about a month.)

Currently in San Rafael, and would like to stay close to (or, in) San Rafael.

The budget is ,... not that high, want to stay below $1200.
(So, most likely, I'd be looking at sharing situation.)

I'm mostly working, so leave the house around 10 AM , and don't come back until late at night.

The part that makes things difficult for me (to find a place) is a parking.
I only have one motorcycle (Ducati Monster S4R) and one car (1992 Mazda Miata). But I need a place to keep them.
(The house I live now, I can keep S4R in the garage. NA6 stays outside.)

Anyone who has any info, please let me know.

To know who I am, checking Youtube channel would be the quickest.

Main channel

Sub channel

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