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Thanks, Robert. Great info.

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Added lean angle late in the corner to correct for an issue with bike placement. This would fall under 'rushing corner entry'. If you had slowed more up the hill, you would have been fine.
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Originally Posted by stangmx13 View Post
you can hear that his rpms were constant once his right lean angle was set, and for at least 1 full second before he crashed. at a minimum, his throttle was constant.

given the lean angle addition, his rpms probably should have risen a bit more. this suggests he was using too little throttle and actually slowing unintentionally.
With Rob here on what happened. Rear pivots around the front to the outside. Lost the rear due to levering it per Rob's comment(s).

I'll add: go walk the track and that turn specifically next time. Backing your video up to your first lap, at the point where you hit the ground there's several gouges in the pavement. That's a good clue there's a physical element to the track there. You're very tight to the inside curbing on lap 2. I can't tell if your rear wheel gets near the Grand Canyon between the track surface and the curbing.

Originally Posted by stangmx13 View Post

all of the above means its a terrible idea to add more throttle while near the limits of traction. as FourSixThree said, you must first remove lean angle... then you can add throttle. doing so in the opposite order will put you on the ground 9 times out of 10.
And to add to G's and R's great advice: best to make sure the bike's going where you want it to go before taking away lean angle/ adding throttle.
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Don’t beat yourself up too much. I was there late last year and one of the instructors did the same thing at the same spot. Wiped out his Daytona.
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Words of Ken Hill wisdom:

Add lean angle, take away throttle.

Take away lean angle, add throttle.
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If it's any consolation, that exact spot is the only place I've crashed on that track on my S1000R. That's why I run my rearsets nice and high now.

I did the same as you- turned in a bit too late on the left, which set me up wrong for the off-camber right. As Dammy pointed out above, the key to the complex is getting that apex on the intro left correct and letting the right and second left sort themselves out naturally.
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