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Mini-Moto Racing
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Mini-Moto Open Track Day & Race Series Info

Here's your chance to experience a "Track" environment at a VERY affordable price! Read on for more details.

Here is a list of local Mini (Kart) tracks within the Bay Area that allow motor bikes:

Atwater / Tom Dash Memorial Speedway - Currently NO longer open to karts nor moto's Keeping info here just in case it happens to re-open.
500 Industry Way, Atwater (just off Hwy 99, near Merced) - CLOSED

Infineon / Jim Russell Kart Track - ACTIVE
Infineon Raceway 29359 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476

Dixon / Kinsman Kart Club - ACTIVE
4975 Rio Dixon Rd, Dixon, CA 95620
(925) 798-4360

Prairie City Kart Track - TBD
13300 White Rock Rd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Stockton Lil 99 (San Joaquin County fairground's - ACTIVE (most popular)
1600 E Charter Way
Stockton, CA 95205

(enter track area from E. Charter Way entrance [first right, after passing race circuit], or from So. Airport Blvd, turn left at first traffic light)

General Info
NOTE: below is considered general info and preparation. However, contact the track provider you plan to attend and inquire directly for more accurate rule and preperation details that apply.

Skill Level?
All skill levels are welcome! from Beginner to Expert.
This is a awesome opportunity for grooming the young to becoming a future Road Racer and or Super-moto Star! Or, for those who just love a "track" environment at a very affordable price.

What kind of bikes are generally ridden at an Open Practice Track Day?

*Pocketbikes: from China to European/Italian

*Mini motards: 2-stroke 50cc up to 65cc, 4-stroke 50cc's up to 150cc dirt bikes w/ road racing tires.

*Mini Road Racers: YSR, NSR, NS50, Derbi GPR/SM, Aprilla RS, Metrakit (12" & Big Wheel), Kayo, Ohvale / Bucci, and alike 2 & 4 stroke Motors.

*Big Wheel bikes: 2-stroke 80cc up to 125cc Road racers and or motard, 4-stroke 150cc (and up) dirt or dual sport bikes (Supermoto's) w/ road race tires. 300cc Sport Bikes (Ninja 250 / 300, KTM 390, R3, and alike). 400cc Max limit.

Motard Tire Choice's:
Yamaha TTr125 & Honda XR/CRF100 - Bridgestone Battlax BT45
Front - 100/90/19.
Rear - 120/80/16.

For more info about "Motards / Supermoto's" click here

When are they allowed on the track?
NOTE: Depending on the variety of bikes that show on a given day, "Sessions" may/will be split as follows:

*Pocketbikes and / or Juniors

*Mini's (YSR, GPR, Metrakit and alike, Mini 2-stroke and 4-stroke motards 50cc to 125cc)

*BIG bikes (2-stroke 80cc and up and or 4-stroke motards 150cc and up).

*Beginners (young and old)

Alternatively, A (Expert / Advanced), B (Intermediate), C (Beginner / Youth) Group sessions (combined motor cc displacements).

Bike Preperation for a Track Day:
*Water Cooled bikes: Replace Coolant with either water or a mix Distilled water w/ Water Wetter (by Red-line).

*Oil Drain plugs : MUST be securely fastened. Safety wired preferred.

*Catch Bottles: Any loose hoses shall be inserted within a catch can / bottle (to capture any fluids that may spill onto the track surface if a crash occurs).

*Mirrors: MUST be removed from any motorcycle

*Headlamp, Brake / Tail, Turn Signals are to be covered using duct tape, painters tape or alike. Otherwise, removed, for the sake of risking any damage.

All Motards / Supermoto's (dirt bike/dual sport with road tires) and or alike MUST have the following sliders/protection installed:
Bar-end slider protection (Delrin is recommended, or equiv) or Bark Busters
Peg sliders
front axle and swing-arm/axle

All Road Racer Bikes MUST have the following Sliders installed:
Bar-end protection (Delrin is recommended, or equiv)
Foldable/collapsable pegs are OK

Those who have "fixed" (non-collapsable) pegs will need some type of protection added, or Peg sliders.

The slider protection is not only for hard part protection on your bike, for track protection too. When a fall occurs, the track gets damaged. Keep in mind, we track on a "kart" track. We will be allowed to share the track as long as we do our best to protect the track surface.......In advance, thanks for your cooperation and participation

Sliders can be purchased through SME / Supermoto Engineering

Self Safety Protection?
Any variety of Motocross Protection is considered minimal (Pants, Jersey, Armour, Boots, Gloves, Chest / Back Protector, Helmet (dirt w/ goggles or full face), 1 or 2 piece Leather suit w/ boots, gloves and helmet. Work type boots are permitted. Back Protectors are highly suggested.

Prior to attending a Track Day or Race Day - Be sure your self are physically fit, and the motorcycle(s) being ridden have NO mechanical issues. In other words, YOU, the rider and or the motorcycle being ridden will NOT pose a potential safety threat or hazard to others sharing the track with you.

Track Etiquette:

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the sport, and track environment, understand and accept that there is risk. There will be a variety of motorcycle displacements, as well as rider skill level (beginner ~ expert) sharing the track at any given time. Rider(s) participating not only are to have fun, but to improve their skill level and confidence of the machine being ridden. Therefore, at times, expect that some riders will have some competitive fun amongst each other. However, ALL riders should follow the guideline noted below.

Experienced Riders: Please be courteous and mindful of new and younger riders when sharing track time, for the safety of ALL riders. MOST especially, going into the corners.

New Riders: It certainly helps to know an experienced rider to show you lines, brake points, and riding fundamentals. However, if you attend by yourself, there is always someone there that is willing to tow a newbie around and provide pointers. Most importantly, choose a consistant line around the course and be predictable so the faster rider(s) can get around you safely. Your focus is what's ahead of you. However, it's important to be aware of your surroundings. If you know (or see that) faster traffic is approaching, it's safer to stay on coarse of travel, but be prepared to be passed. ONLY if / when safe to do so, moving off "the race line" to allow faster traffic to get by is ok. Again, ONLY if safe to do so. Be prepared to be passed. DO NOT make a erratic / unpredictable lane change, or quickly slow down or come to a complete Stop to a allow faster rider(s) to get by. Especially in the middle of a corner. Again, for the safety of all riders, continue a predictable coarse of travel.

* The Race Line: known as the fastest line / path around the road coarse.

Crash / Accident: In the event of a crash, if able to, get yourself and your motorcycle off and away from the track tarmac, for the safety of everyone. Prior to re-entering the track surface, do a assessment of your body and motorcycle for any injury and or motorcycle damage. If yourself or motorcycle poses a potential hazard, due to injury and or motorcycle damage, DO NOT re-enter the track surface. Safely, walk your motorcycle to the pit area, and or ask for assistance from other riders, if necessary.

Have a Emergency contact(s) with you and or taped somewhere visibly (somewhere closest to the cockpit) on your motorcycle.

Fluids and Debris: After the event of a crash, also inspect the track area for any fluids and or debris where the crash occurred. Remove any debris from the track surface (and nearest of the track), if any. Moreover, if fluids have spilled onto the track surface, warn / flag approaching riders of the hazard. Report the fluid remnants to a flagger or to whomever is in charge, so immediate action to have the area cleaned up can be done.

If immediate emergency attention is needed, flag down the next rider(s) for help. In the case a flagger is not present or near the immediate area.

Hand / Feet Gestures: A hand gesture (wave or hand up), generally means "Thank You" (allowing a safe passing) or an apology (in the case of an un-intentional close call or aggressive passing). Foot out gesture generally can be interpreted equally as a hand gesture, or something on the track surface that can potentially be a hazard.

In the case a rider needs to pull off the track, for whatever reason, Raise a Hand to warn others you may have a potential issue, then when safe to do so, ride / move off the track surface and onto the shoulder closest to your point of exit, and away from the track area. Avoid to Not quickly slow down or come to a complete stop on the track surface, as a rider potentially could run into the back of you. Again, move off and away from the track surface as safely as possible.

Exiting The Track: On the approach of exiting the track towards pit lane, move off The Race Line to the line or lane nearest to the pit lane exit. Additionally, as a courtesy to others behind you, put your hand up (typically left hand) to signal to others that you are exiting the track.


FLAGS: For the safety of yourself and all others sharing the track with you, please obey the flag rules listed below

GREEN: GO! the track is safe to ride.

YELLOW: Caution Ahead. Observe the safety hazard(s), approach slowly and safely.

RED: Extreme Safety Hazard. If safe to do so, Stop immediately (depending on safety hazard), or slowly proceed, then exit the track.

BLACK: If the BLACK flag is waived or pointed at you, either your bike poses a safety threat or you the rider poses a safety threat to others, you MUST safely exit the track (stay off the "race line") or track surface. Follow flagger instructions.

BLUE or BLUE w/ Yellow stripe: You are being lapped; Caution, faster rider(s) are approaching. If safe to do so, either move off the race line, or continue your path and prepare to be passed.

WHITE: One Lap remaining.

CHECKERED: Session or Race has expired. Proceed track coarse and safely and slowly exit the track.

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