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The German
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Originally Posted by ludovico View Post

Probably very old news to most. While I don't know how "uninsured" plays into this scenario, inexperienced, unprotected and "does a poor job..." is pretty clear. I do take this with a grain of salt and it is quite old, nevertheless, I think there is a lot of truth in it.

I have seen a lot of people ride and can honestly say I am surprised (well, happy for them, but surprised) that they are still alive.

1. Lack of braking skills: Afraid to apply front brake, not two fingers covering brake lever AT ALL TIMES, trusting rear brake more for worry about front wheel slide. The rear doesn't do shit when you REALLY need to slow down NOW. Two fingers over the brake lever at all times make it IMMEDIATE to apply the brake rather than fumbling to reach for it, no need to change hand position and possibly no danger that hand can't do it as it freezes in fear. Also see 5. A decent bike with good tires and suspension setup can slow down at roughly 1g, but most riders are so afraid and untrained, they don't come even close to that.

2. Target Fixation: Don't want to hit that vehicle turning left in front of you? Don't stare at it!! While braking as much as possible, find a way around it (most likely behind it) and look there - because you go where you look. Practice that!!! If you are afraid of not making the right decision in a split second, just practice to ALWAYS go around the back of it. Really aim around it, don't count on them continuing to get out of the way as they often slam the brakes when they do finalize realize you are there.

3. Not understanding counter steering: A bike is not steered with "body english" or any of that bullshit. Trying to avoid the left turning SUV in your path? Look left and use all your might to push the left handlebar. Or die.

4. Not practicing: Too worried about cleaning the bike, putting loud pipes on and bragging about this or that bullshit. Go to a race track and practice. Find out how little you know about riding motorcycles. You can tell when somebody is bad by the way they sit on a bike:

5. Stiff arms, holding on to the steering: Whether clip-ons or monkey bars, the handle bar is for steering and not for holding on. Any force into the steering from holding on (see 3. counter steering) is a steering input and will be interpreted by the bike as such - making it go to some direction, but likely not where you need it to go. You hold on with your legs, grabbing the tank between the knees and use your torso muscles (if you have any, otherwise try the beer belly) to stabilize yourself. Then your arms are free to steer. This goes along with two fingers covering the brake lever - makes it less likely to "death grip" the steering.

6. If you are really interested in your safety, buy a bike with ABS. Learn how you can apply all brakes with full force at all times, rain or shine, and immediately and how technology will save your ass even you have no idea how it works.

7. Don't try to save money on tires and maintenance: Crappy tires on a bike are like running around with a loaded gun pointed at your head. Crappy, worn out suspension - same thing. Shocks work hard on these crappy roads and need to be adjusted and rebuilt rather frequently.

8. Gear: Helmet is obvious, but what I find much more important is boots, leathers and gloves. I crashed four times so far (all low siders, some track, some street) - helmet never touched the ground but boots, leathers (or aerostitch) and gloves took a serious beating which otherwise my skin and bones would have absorbed. Aerostitch was factory repaired, I never got even a scratch.

9. Ride like it's your body that's on the line: Wait a minute, it IS your body on the line. How can you seriously trust others (that you so despise) to protect you from harm instead of doing that yourself? By first of all looking ahead and watching what's going on. I have driven a lot of miles in heavy traffic in all scenarios, I have only truly been surprised a very rare number of times. In by far most cases, you will get some warning that somebody is about to do something stupid. If you still crash, it's most likely because you weren't paying attention.

10. Stereotype: Here it really works. A gold/brown colored Prius or Corolla will behave differently than a raised pickup or lowered Camaro or hopped up import racer. You can see it in advance. Both types can have bad drivers in them, but one category is timid-bad, the other is aggressive-bad which is more dangerous.

Anybody who makes even the slightest hint about "safety" (for example with respect to loud pipes) but has not seriously worked on above list first, is a fucking idiot -- and should definitely NOT ride around on any motorcycle, I propose bus or Taxi instead, because they also make bad car drivers. That's not my opinion, that's a fact. Interestingly, many of the same people who proclaim "loud pipes..." are also the ones who don't understand or even dispute counter steering - and are ass backwards in so many other ways. Don't be part of that crowd - they are on their way to extinction, one way or the other. Don't believe me? Go to Keith Code, they'll demonstrate it. Note, they don't talk about loud pipes there.
Bro you're so f&*^ right
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The German
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Originally Posted by ludovico View Post
Entitled? Sure, I am entitled, I guess it depends on your definition. Living in one of the nicer places in the world, having a place, freedom and in general a peaceful life. Yes, I have had what I'd call a good education and use that education to make a living. I, personally, would not call that entitlement, it's how life should be and I am actually trying hard to afford this kind of life to more people, or in other words to spread that entitlement instead of making more for myself.

Do I want to enforce MY priorities on other people? Yes, of course, like everyone else, I think I am right (in some ways) and have something to say.
I do, however, focus on specific priorities - the ones that actually concern me specifically. I don't care what people do which does not concern me. When I can't sleep because people make useless noise than that DOES concern me. And everybody agrees on that pretty much - which is why there are laws governing that kind of noise. Gay marriage? Smoking pot? Believes? I don't care, it's anybody's private business. I am absolutely for as much personal freedom as possible. However, that freedom ends where other people's lives are affected. Noise (especially at night) affects other lives extremely - sleep deprivation is serious enough to be used for torture. Gay Marriage doesn't affect me the least bit so I shut up about it.

Keeping an 18 year old from killing himself with a 180mph bike by passing legislation? Honestly, I don't know. That's a difficult subject as first of all - on a motorcycle the danger is typically mostly to one self. As far as I know in accidents motorcycles rarely do much damage to others. Is a 180mph race bike useful in public traffic (where the speed limit is 65mph in general) is questionable. I myself have a exactly a bike like that. It's fun, but I think I am responsible with it and I am certainly not making extra noise (bike has stock exhaust of course).
Therefore, there's two topics in this:
a) The "affecting others" part: Probably relatively low
b) Keeping young people (who we claim "don't know better because they're still immature" from hurting themselves

The second one is very questionable. Having three kids myself, of course I want to protect them, including from their own stupidity. In my experience, however, that works best through education.

I do believe (well, ok, strongly so) that noise from illegally (!!) modified vehicles does not serve any useful purpose but is very detrimental to many people's lives, mine included. Yes, that's what I am strongly arguing for and I do want to push that (my) priorities on others, admittedly.
I think I have a point, though. By the way - I don't want anybody run over.
Yes....go on the track guys and break it down there, get driving school
@ludovico, I hear what you're saying
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I had to respond being that I have the absolute loudest 4cylinder bike I have heard in person. I removed all muffling from my system and run a 14" cut midpipe, even altered the intake. My neighbors only complained about the noise once, I half fell over while opening the gate and revved the engine right next to their bedroom window. One complaint in over 20,000 miles of this setup. A lot of the issue is throttle control. I'm sure several of you other barfers have enjoyed lane splitting behind me as I part cars like moses parted the seas. For commuting at fucked up hours, loud pipes save lifes. I havent been hit since the noise adjustment. I will never ride quiet again. Also have no issue riding next to police, I shortshift and they don't even look twice.
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I live about ~2 miles from the nearest HD Dyno shop. When they rev them POS up w/no muffler, I close the door/window to keep out the noise. Yep, @ 2 miles away they scare the cats & make him/her run/hide. They also make quick runs up/down the street there at the edge of town. Annoying to the max...

I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. A full 2!

If I hadn't been a dyno-hoe once upon a time, I'd probably be upset. (54 dyno-runs on the old ZRX1200. Testing 2 pipes & different jetting results.) Still surprised how loud it can be when it's quiet here then they suddenly rev it up. Wow.
Enjoy the ride!
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I had a neighbor who rode a Hardley Bagger with Apehangers and, ( of course) super loud pipes. Now I know it's just about mandatory for the HOG crowd to have loud pipes so I didn't make a scene....Until he starts pulling in a 11 at night, ( i get up at 4am) with his stereo blasting and Brapping his fucking motor OVER AND EVER right under my window. I ask him nicely to just idle in and out of the complex with the stereo off since I'm not the only tentant he's annoying. And for about a week it works. Then it's back to BRAAAP BRAAAP RUNNING WITH THE 1am. I was about to go stuff a potato in his exhaust pipes when his wife divorced him and he moved out. Later I heard his bike got stolen. I am not heartbroken by this.
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You kids, you may create yourselves some challenges.
Stealth is cool, though I understand the lane splitting thing, though screaming at everyone because a few (ok, most) folks aren't paying attention is a bit harsh.

Zero tolerance for playing with a cel phone while driving might help. As bad as a DUI with arrest, impound, classes, tripling of insurance, $20K in fines...
Hodaka Ace 90. I've been riding these things too long. What can I say? How about that Combat Wombat?

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and get a dirtbike! preferably a 2 stroke... Or... Electric!
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