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Name: Daniel
Gorgeous pics! I see you stopped in a Rocky Mtn mcatv! Looking forward to the story!
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old and slow
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Nice photos. Do share, route, troubles, etc.
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Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Fremont
Motorcycles: 08 Kawasaki Concours 14 06 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic 15 Aprillia Caponord 1200
Name: Hardy
Trip Summary

[ Day-1 ] Fremont - CA88 - Fallon - Austin, NV
[ Day-2 ] Austin - Ely - Baker - Antimony UT
[ Day-3 ] Hiking and sightsee Bryce National Park
[ Day-4 ] Antimony - SR12 - SR24- SR95 - National Bridges Campground
[ Day-5 ] National Bridges Campground Hiking sightsee
[ Day-6 ] Hiking and sightsee Canyonlands National Park
[ Day-7 ] Monument Valley, MokiDugway, Sightseeing around Blanding UT
[ Day-8 ] National Bridges Campground - SR95 - SR24 - SR12 - SR14 - Cedar city UT
[ Day-9 ] Cedar city UT - St George UT
[ Day-10 : Rental car ] Hiking ZION National Park - Drive to Great Basin NP
[ Day-11 : Rental car ] Hiking Great Basin NP - Drive back to St George UT
[ Day-12] St Geroge UT - Crystal Springs NV - Tonopah NV - BridgePort CA
[ Day-13] BridgePort CA - CA108 - CA120 - Fremont CA

Facts :

1) I had fun no doubt about it, I have some very very good memories to cherish for a while
2) If I were to always to listen to wise people, i would never have face any problems
3) Tires and brake pads wouldn't last more than 1000-1500 miles, I knew it but #2...

Summary :

I messed it up again and forgot to carry brake-pads in my toolkit
I thought I ll replace them after 1000 miles I wanted to get on-road asap
I knew tires wont last more than 1000 miles but I decided to take chance knowing UT to be a great place for riders

[ Day-3 ] It was raining hard and i realized that tires are done-done
[ Day-4 ] Found Desert Doctor in Escalante UT ( Hwy-12 )
He had all kinds of tires in stock but he ll only accepts cash ( managed to get some extra cash from ATM )
He put me back on road within 2 hours but he dint have brake-pads, so I decided to drop plan for Colorado and stayed in Natural Bridges Campground for next 4 days
Going around and hiking within 100 miles radius

Plan was to get brakes replaced on the way back on [ Day -8 ] but his shipping was running late
So I decided to go St George UT ( Kawasaki dealer ), on Hwy-14 it was cold/windy/rain/dark/twisties and I did heavy down-shifting to avoid using brakes
Stopped in Cedar City for gas and noticed drive Shaft was leaking oil on rear wheel

I realized now the ball-game is different, I found cheap motel next to a Honda dealer ( google showed they open at 9am )
I was at the door 9am to realize, they are closed on Monday

Checked oil level and made it St George, Rocky Mountain ( Kawasaki dealer )
They confirmed a seal needs to be replaced and can be ordered by overnight shipping, replacement is less than an hour work
I was skeptical about overnight shipping, so i rented a car and hiked ZION next day. They called me around 4PM that shipping is running late
So I drove to Great Basin NP, stayed in Broder Inn and hiked next day

When I came down from my hike, I got msg that my puppy is ready but they close at 6PM and there is 1 hour time difference
So I decided kill another night in St George, next morning returned rental picked up my puppy, I was so excited that i didn't even look at the tires
I just took off, after 30 miles i realized i should check the leak. Found drive-shaft to be leaking, I thought they overfilled it ( common problem which go away after some time )
Kept riding and checking, it was leaking consistently. Brought extra oil in tonopah NV to top it up if needed

I wanted to ride home the same day, but couldn't agree with my daemons to cross Sonora pass with oily right side of rear wheel + Dark
So called it a day in Bridgeport Inn ( ripped off motel, they don't even have coffee maker in the room I paid $110 for a night )

Next morning, asked maid for few rags, then cleanup the rear wheel and added some oil to drive shaft
Got on the road, was trying to keep the bike straight on right turn and leaning only on left turns
When i crossed Sonora, i saw few drops of oil but non on the rear-wheel,
I kept riding and checked again in Oakdale but no oil on rear-wheel,
I made it home safely and my theory is that, no one cleanup the oil on the wheel at St George dealership ( tires were always oily and tiny leak was due to overfilling )

I know it sounds like a nightmare but did I have fun, you bet
Did i curse myself for being dumb, yes but I still liked all 13 days for myself all 24 hours
I had great time except ride home with oily tire

Once again, sincere thanks for everyone with great suggestions
I will need your help again for my next adventure

Stay-Safe and Keep-Riding

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Tom G
"The Deer Hunter"
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Name: Tom
Did the oil on the tire give you extra miles before it needed to be replaced ;=) ???
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Name: chris
That is an adventure! Sounds like a good trip and good on ya for keeping on the road even if it was a car.
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