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Santa Clara to Atascadero and back

I am going to Atascadero for a family function on June 5th and back on June 6th. If the weather is no good i'll end up driving down 101 the whole way but if its decent riding weather I prefer to ride.

If riding, does anyone have suggested routes for either SB or NB legs of the trip? I was initially thinking I would just ride south on Highway 1 most of the way but if the weather is like it has been recently, options for riding an inland route might be better to keep the temps up. So far it was suggested I pickup Highway 25 and ride south from Hollister to Peach Tree Road to Indian Valley Road which would put me into to San Miguel not far from Atascadero and avoiding most of 101.

If going south on 1, what are some of the preferred routes to get over to 101? I see highway 41 and highway 46. Santa Rosa Creek road looks like another option. I often read about plugs for Nacimiento Ferguson Road. Seems like a fire road, not really Tuono friendly.

The only riding I have done in the area was one time maybe 10 years ago I rode down highway 1 from the bay all the way to Pismo Beach. Otherwise I don't make it further south than Carmel.

I'll be leaving Santa Clara around 10:30 or 11 am and want to be to Atascadero by 5 pm.
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You've pretty much hit all the popular routes in your post. N-F is decently tight and goaty - not a fire road, but if you like wide-open sweepers and smooth pavement, it won't be to your taste. Indian Valley and (by the looks of it, never been myself) Santa Rosa Creek are more of the same.

If you do end up trying N-F, at Lockwood hang a right onto Interlake, then to Nacimiento Lake Dr, then right on Chimney Rock, which link you into some fun roads around Paso Robles wine country. Mostly all nicely paved and a blast to ride.
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What a year for weather!... June might mean some fog on some of the coast, but that would still remain my choice. However.. I love the coastal route. Your other route is fun too and if foggy would give you sunshine!!

Have fun.
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Name: Jeff
Make sure you hit Rossi's Driveway when you're in that neck of the woods.
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Join Date: Dec 2017
Location: Santa Clara
Motorcycles: Tuono
Thanks for the replys. I've not been on it before but this Rossi's driveway of which you speak is less than 10 miles from my brothers place so hopefully I'll have time to give it a try before heading back home Thursday. Weather is looking better than I hoped for.
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Name: George
If you are not afraid of a little gravel road, about 4-5 miles of gravel road, I recommend riding through Parkfield. Parkfield grade, just north of Parkfield is gravel for a few miles and then it is great riding to 198 and 198 to 25. There is no gas in Parkfield, only a good burger place as the Parkfield Inn.

I used to ride 25 to 198 to Coalinga for fuel and then back west on 198 to Parkfield Grade to Parkfield.
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Did you make it? I'm local and off work tomorrow if you want to go for a ride ��
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