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FINALLY - Lane Sharing is supported in CA

Its been a long time coming. Its taken a lot of arm twisting, arguing, and frustration. But we have taken a huge leap forward.

Lane Sharing is being supported by two of the big three in California. We have CHP on board and below is a link to their website and the info being distributed. The California Office of Traffic Safety is also supporting the information and should have the info posted on their website soon. The Department of Motor Vehicles has the information at their executive level and reviewing if they will be supporting. If they do we will get the info posted up on their website and begin integrating the info into the car and motorcycle handbooks. CALTRANS has also approved. short version expanded version

What does this mean? We finally have the support of the premier traffic safety organizations in the state to promote lane sharing in California. We finally have an accepted set of "guidelines" to be used to lane share in a safe and acceptable manner.

What's next? Public education!! We will be reaching out to motorcyclists, motorists, and law enforcement. The effort will be to get all three groups on the same page. Motorcyclists need to understand that if they follow the guidelines they can help us promote safe and prudent lane sharing. Motorists will be educated on the fact that lane sharing is legal and supported by the CHP, OTS, and hopefully DMV. Law Enforcement needs to get on board and be tolerant of lane sharing motorcyclists who are sharing within the guidelines.

This is the first giant step in a long and ongoing process. We have been working on this for over two years (yes government works slow) and the obstacles we have had to overcome have been pretty steep.

In the near future you will see public safety alterts (PSAs), public outreach, press releases, videos, and more in an effort to get this data out to all three target groups.

For anyone who says its not enough, or wants to argue with what the guidelines are, take it elsewhere. Its been a long hard fight, and its time to revel in a substantial victory.

Budman has been an active participant in this process, BARF has played a role in data gathering, a few members were involved in some focus groups, and a couple of folks at CHP at the state level have been great advocates.

The Message:
Motorcyclists who are competent enough riders to lane split, should follow these general guidelines if choosing to lane split:

1)Travel at a speed that is no more than 10 MPH faster than other traffic – danger increases at higher speed differentials.

2)It is not advisable to lane split when traffic flow is at 30 mph or faster – danger increases as overall speed increases.

3)Typically, it is more desirable to split between the #1 and #2 lanes than between other lanes.

4)Consider the total environment in which you are splitting, including the width of the lanes, size of surrounding vehicles, as well as roadway, weather, and lighting conditions.

5)Be alert and anticipate possible movements by other road users.
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