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Above all I like to play.
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Fantastic info!
Dude: "Oh... Well, I got 4th's or whatever"

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Merely Rhetorical
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Originally Posted by dravnx View Post
I just picked up a Sena Prism Tube Wifi. I used to run a Contour Roam II. I like the Sena because it will loop record. Both have similar battery life of about 2 hours. The Sena also is a bit smaller. I didn't look into the Roam III because a friend gave me a gift certificate for the Sena that he had won in a raffle so my out of pocket was very low.
How does video compare with your old Rome? I have a Rome and was thinking of a Sena Prism Tube too. I don't really need it since the Rome still works, but can't read most plates and night recording is not good.
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