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Originally Posted by Daredevil View Post

i also think they should do away with the age bracket races. 40-50-60-70 year old classes... come on...... boomers complaining millenial snowflakes always getting a participation trophy, then go ahead and make a class they'll be able to podium in. (with a few exceptions...
You grid up with the same people in your 600 races. How have you done?

For all intents and purposes, the novice championship is a participation award. When I started, novices were gridded with experts, and the battle was for top novice (good luck trying to ride at the front). We can use this argument many ways. Bottom line is, what gets people out racing more is good for everyone.

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Last time I checked there were no 60 or 70 year old classes...and formula 50 are normally fast!
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