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Facebook Perplexes Me

TL;DR? Skip to the last two paragraphs.

Almost 10 years ago, a friend goaded me into creating a FB account. I friended him and we had just a few exchanges, like a Merry Christmas. I never added anything to FB other than a profile picture and I quickly stopped using it completely, especially when they had this real ID push, I just opted out and thought it done.

Every so often, FB would send me a notification to the email I used to register, usually something along the lines of, so-and-so added a new photo... I eventually marked FB as spam and have long forgotten about it.

FF to a few months ago, this friend twisted off and basically ended the friendship. And while not at all related to this thread, the riff was about whether ketchup should be put on a hotdog, and I plain wouldn't care one way or the other. I honestly was not aware that it was an issue. A few years ago I picked up dogs for all of us at Costco and loaded them up with all the condiments, including Ketchup. He took one bite and noticed it, then tossed the dog in the trash...

Anyhow, FB sent me a notification the other day that this friend uploaded a new photo. I hadn't seen one of those in so long that I'd forgotten about them (what happened to my spam filter?). I clicked the link and boom, I was logged into my old FB account. I was perplexed because I'm using a work PC, and we get a new PC every 2-3 years. How does this happen? Is the link coded because it came to my registered inbox? Another thing, my FB notification preferences had email notifications turned OFF, so why is FB harassing me with email notifications?

A thought - having this FB account now interests me, because there is marketplace and maybe something I can get out of it. Whatever happened to the real ID campaign? If I can use it as-is then fine. The problem is that I do not know the password. How could I fix that? Will they require an sms text verification to change it?
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