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slow as shit. No really
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More route help

Picking up my new-to-me bmw R1200GS in San Diego and riding it back to Roseville or possibly extending it up mom and dads in Fort Bragg. Just looking for any areas to avoid in so cal and Bay Area. I want to ride 1 as much as possible or if there is better way to go without adding a ton of time I’m up for it. The big thing is to not get jammed up in traffic. I will be breaking it to 2 days so I can just cruise.
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There's a ton of secondary roads but they will add time to your trip. If you're looking to make time, your choices are either 101 or 5. 1 has tons of tourists. I rode 1 from Paso Robles to SF today. I gave up trying to make time and went with the flow.
Getting through the LA basin is fuqed. Lane splitting for a couple of hours.
Near Paso Robles, take N River Rd to Peachtree to 25 to Hollister.
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I-15 north, across Angeles Crest to Upper big Tujunga Canyon to Elizabeth Lake Rd to 138 to Frazier Park West to 33 to 166 to 101 to 1
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Miles > Posts
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Originally Posted by motomania2007 View Post
I-15 north, across Angeles Crest to Upper big Tujunga Canyon to Elizabeth Lake Rd to 138 to Frazier Park West to 33 to 166 to 101 to 1

Alternately, if you don't have time for Angeles Crest, you can cut out of Wrightwood on Mile High/Valyermo/Ft Tejon/Barrel Springs to Elizabeth Lake.

Coming out of Frazier Park on Lockwood Valley or Cuddy Valley are equally awesome, but different. If you're gonna camp a night, there are lots of free places out there too.

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Just head East for the Sierras!
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Take the 210 north out of LA best way out of LA, 5 to Santa Clarita short ride 128 to Santa Paula 150 to Ojai nice scenery 33 fun fun road to 166 west fun fast sweepy road to 1 north beautiful until Carmel, then on your own Easy 2 day I've done it in one day to east bay, mid week spring minimal traffic.
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As an alternative to 166, you can take 58 to 101 then down to 1, that's right where 1 starts getting pretty and fun. And 58 is pretty fun.
To avoid traffic, someone has already mentioned peach tree/Indian Valley to 25, you could also take 58>229>41>Parkfield>25. Either way, will be pretty light on traffic.
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