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Originally Posted by Kurosaki View Post
Also been getting through the Avengers on PS4. Slowly but surely.

I feel it drew in a lot of casual gaming fans, because of the name, that were really not prepared for this type of game and are going to feel like they wasted their money on something that is too hard for them or not instantly gratifying enough.

Welcome to Grindapalooza 2020.

Lot of kids these days would never survive the games we played when we were younger. Like, oh... you got really far in Super Mario but you died? Go back to the very beginning and start over, bitch.
honestly, i dont even recommend games to people anymore because of this.

A few months ago, I had a buddy ask me what was a good, open world, historical style game to play, so i told him to get Kingdom Come; Deliverance. He played it for about an hour and quit because "you cant pause the cutscenes and theres too much stuff to do to level up your character" I was like "bitch, you need to learn to love the grind!"
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