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Racer Al
ex-racer, that is.
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DMV leniency

Hey there - long time BARF member, infrequent poster.

I did search the DMV site & the LEO forum before posting.

Back story: about 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney failure, and 5 months later, my wife diagnosed with breast cancer. Literally years of constant medical fuckery ensue. And we're self-employed, so there was a pretty huge financial hit as well - we're very much thankful for continued indoor living.

As one might imagine, things were let slide which shouldn't have been let slide.

We have two vehicles which were purchased *right* before we got sick, and were never registered in our names.

Things are looking up, we're both healthy now, and trying to get back up to speed on Adulting.

I have two questions:

1) Has anyone had any success petitioning DMV for leniency based on a hardship? I know that DMV Field Agents were recently dis-empowered for waiving fees and penalties, so one would hope there is some process in place to deal with this. Any advice?

2) If I were to sell the vehicles outside of California, would I still be on the hook for the
fees & penalties since it's never been registered in my name.

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