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Originally Posted by afm199 View Post
I've been hacked at least three times on a CC.
I seem to have my card stolen annually.

It's never been a problem, I've never lost money, save I have to reset my recurring charge accounts, it's almost alway hassle free to be honest.

One benefit of AmEx is that you DON'T have to reset your accounts.

I've also had someone file taxes in my name. I told my accountant "Not sure why this isn't a good thing, I owe this year -- let them pay it."

Now it's all done with pin codes and what not.

I have total confidence my personal info is all over the "dark web", since it was minimally part of that enormous leak from a couple of years ago (some healthcare company? I forget.).

All of my credit it locked down.
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Originally Posted by /dev/null View Post
I keep mine until my credit card bill comes and I verify everything is correct. Also, I keep receipts for items with warranties.
recently had a warranty issue. bought a heavy duty mower / mulcher (at home depot). after about a month the self drive quit working. called the manufacturer. they asked where we bought and where we were located. said home depot had a long repair queue and recommended another shop. in the meantime - desperate search for receipt - no can find. called recommended repair shop - need to register for the warranty + need receipt + minimum 3 week lead time. okay - called home depot to see if their lead time was shorter. their response - Ďwhy? bring in the broken one, weíll exchange it for a new oneí. told them i donít have the receipt. they said no problem - just bring the credit card you originally charged it to. done. brand new replacement.

Originally Posted by afm199 View Post
I've been hacked at least three times on a CC.
only time i got my info stolen was from my employer (CC info from their on-line employee store). no apparent issues resulted. fast forward, iím asked to update my personal info in the company database with a photo (that would show up in the org chart and on my on-line correspondence). i decline. shit gets escalated - WE NEED THIS. finally, a (fucking) vice president contacts me - Ďthis is obligatory on your partí. i explained briefly that my past history with their security was such that i did not trust them with any more personal information than was absolutely necessary for my employment (and walked him through why). his response - never mind. weíre good.
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I'll chime in as the oddball.
I do not keep receipts and all is well in my world.
For now.
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Originally Posted by afm199 View Post
Almost forgot. I always save receipts for stuff like appliances and car batteries. I've had two car batteries replaced for free when they expired during warranty.
Figured you were still replacing hand cranks
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Regarding alerting credit card/cell phone providers that you will be traveling...

Last big trip we took, a long jaunt through Canada, I preemptively contacted all concerned to insure we'd have no hiccups. Didn't intend to use a particular card and...that was the ONLY one with which we had no issues. Go figure.
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