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Weird corner setup to be careful of

So on my way across the country this summer, everything went swimmingly up until the afternoon after I went through Yellowstone.!7i3328!8i1664

I wasn't entirely clear at first that the upcoming turn was mine, and wasn't prepared for the extra lane, so I turned in from wide in the left lane at about 60. Traffic in the area had been doing about 80 and there seemed to be lots of pavement to work with, NBD.

If you walk up onto the intersection a bit, it turns out that in the triangle between the tracks of turning cars and the tracks of cars going straight there was a thick layer of gravel covering the surface that was the same color as the pavement. Not good when leaned over at speed. I rolled for long enough to be able to think about how much I wanted to stop rolling.

Lesson learned, see wonky intersection that I'm not used to, slow down. Discrete turning lanes for cars like that probably also equals gravel pits, particularly in the part of the country where snow is an issue.

Cost me quite a bit of skin on my right knee, one frame slider, all of my gear, and the rest of my trip was done riding in the back seat of a pickup with my bike in the back.
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