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Join Date: Jan 2019
Location: San Francisco
Motorcycles: Versys 650
Cut off in light rain trying to cross Market St (SF)

So, my Versys 650 is new to me, having just stepped up from my Piaggio BV 250 that I've been commuting and trekking on for the last 3 years. It's definitely a different riding experience and I'm looking forward to an upcoming IRC so I can get some guidance on my new bike.

Unfortunately, I already took a spill - I left downtown SF after work to drive into SOMA and the rain started just after I got on the road. I was crossing Market on Hyde St and just as the light turned yellow at the intersection (I was safe to go through), a minivan from the next lane pulls out in front of me to get around a stopped vehicle in her lane, and then I guess she saw the yellow light and slammed on her brakes. I hit my brakes, but I'm not sure I managed to get any rear brake applied before the front wheel locked up - I wasn't traveling fast but I slid on the wet surface and then down hard on my left side. I think I had felt the rear end coming around to my right a bit and I maybe leaned left to counter it and that caused me to go down in that direction, but it happened very quickly. I fractured my foot and bruised my hip, but the rest of me and the bike are ok.

Not sure what to take away from it other than avoiding riding in the rain. I think I have a lot to learn about how the new bike handles, especially while braking. With the BV, I could kind of push my weight around when I needed to make some urgent maneuvers, but the Versys doesn't give much in that way - I need to be a better rider.
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