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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post
I T-boned cars three times pulling out from side roads into my lane. Two times were on my bicycle going about 20-25mph. I flew over bonnet in one case and slammed into driverís door 2nd time.

Third time was on my CB350, same circumstances, but I was going about 35mph. Totalled bike and car.

My speed was irrelevant in these cases because it only changed effect of crash (not caused it). Higher speed would result in more injury as effect. But my speed did not cause the incident. Cause was driver didnít look and see me. If anything, more speed would have me stand out more from background. Or some weaving. Or headlight-modulators.

Now on single-vehicle crashes, speed would play more significant role.
Speed can always be a factor. Slower speed gives more time to react and time to come to a stop. More speed is rarely the answer (unless you're being chased by a bear).
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