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Gary's Crash

Does anyone have a link to the video for this? I heard last week his wife had a showing of the video(s) made of his crash that fateful day. Not to be morbid, but would like to hopefully make this a learning incident instead of solely a tradgic incident.
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I'll make it simple for you.

Analyzing the situation further is pointless. Fact of the matter is motorcycling is dangerous because loss of grip can mean loss of life. Especially for those who chose to haul ass and play with fire. As you go faster the margins for error become so small. Gary knew the risks better than anyone. We had several long conversations about it, as we have both lost many friends and seen many deaths over the years due to this lifestyle. Yet Gary loved to play, minimized the risks as much as he could, and that is how he chose to live his life. A life full of friends, fun and adventure.

Instead of over analyzing his death, I chose to celebrate his life. He was a class act. Always looking to help others with a smile on his face.
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Why in the fuck would you want a video of someone passing away?? /thread
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What kind of sick bastard are you? Seriously? Most of us are still working through the grief and you want to get a bucket of popcorn and watch the show? Come on, man. Have some fricking compassion.
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Wow, stay classy dude. :|
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The thread is closed. It was closed before it was reported.

Guys, relax.

We're all going through some sort of emotional reaction after Gary's passing. There is something to be learned from this crash, and it would be foolish to ignore that.

The timing isn't good right now.
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