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880 Crash

Any Barfers involved? Found this on Reddit.

I would speculate that the major contributing factor was probably the large delta in speed between the MC and surrounding traffic but since the actual crash is not shown it's purely a wag on my part. I also agree that the lead mc should check his mirrors but that's nothing to lose your cool over...
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Yeah, came to post this one- I swear the guy in the 'stich on the Ducati looks familiar but I can't place him, glad he's ok.
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Let’s keep this focused on crash ANALYSIS.

Speed differential could be a contributing factor assuming that the rider was riding similarly to the way he was before he disappeared out of the camera view.

Is it possible that he was frustrated and angry after being stuck behind the slower rider? Could this have contributed to the crash?
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Originally Posted by Enchanter View Post
Letís keep this focused on crash ANALYSIS.

Speed differential.

Is it possible that he was frustrated and angry... contributed to the crash?
My guess would be these things.
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