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Originally Posted by DannoXYZ View Post

In the OP's case, here's clues without needing to guess other driver's state:

1. Car signals they want to move into my lane
2. both of you were catching car in lane to right.
3. you were in his blind-spot pretty much entire time

That data just tells me to move left one lane and zoom past them both.
If the goal is to avoid accidents while you're riding a motorcycle then the OP needs to address some issues with his/her riding. This close call could have easily been avoided by the OP even if the car driver was legally at fault had they collided.
Yes, yes, I perfectly understand the critique.

I never said that I'm doing everything perfectly and the other driver is at 100% fault.

Let me explain a little bit about that short dash-cam footage doesn't tell / show you.

I was in my car, 1992, small, lowered down(highest part of this car is lowest than lower part of full size P/U truck's window opening), all black Mazda Miata NA6.
Miata new plate &amp;M-65

If, the safety is paramount, I wouldn't have been driving this for so many years.
I know how quickly and easily this car becomes invisible.
(In a big parking lot, how many times have I had
"where's my car?? I can't find it ..." moment?)

This is one of the worst vehicle, as far as visibility is concerned.

Besides, it's got over 37x,xxx miles on the original engine (and head gasket), totally stock 1.6L.
In that video, I was already pushing 80 + MPH (in 65MPH zone), quick acceleration from this speed is impossible for this car, and this area is heavily patrolled by CHP Marin county unit.

I'm a walking contradiction, as I'm in all Hi-Viz, white helmet, and auxiliary lights when I'm riding.

If I were on my S4R, I would have moved to the next lane (the fastest lane) when I saw this car passing semi.

(Another contradiction thing : Not only NA6 is pretty much invisible, it's got very quiet RB muffler on it, while S4R has ARROW full system without baffle, you can hear it from miles away in WOT.)

Anyhow, I've been accident / ticket free in the last 37 years or so.
I'm not any better driver / rider than any of you.
But, after incident like this, I always think what I did wrong (or I could have done better).

Having dash-cam helps. (Otherwise, it's very difficult to look at the incident and criticize your own action.)
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