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Watching season 2 of Lost in Space. On one hand it's full of plot holes and predictable in some areas, and they blatantly lift shit from other series movies. Even from freaken lion king. On the other hand want to see how they end it once season 3 is released.

It does trigger a lot of enxiety in me though. Specially with Dr. Smith.
Going fast on a motorcycle is easy, making turns is the tricky part.
EFF fighting for our rights to post stupid shit on on internet.

FFRF fighting for our rights not to live under religious government, and Christian nationalism.

Originally Posted by littlebeast View Post
no. nothing against strippers. just have never completely trusted anyone in sales and marketing.
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Originally Posted by MrIncredible View Post
Been teaching my kids how to bake. Today was brownie day again.

The kids did most of it and I helped less. Water was spilled and the brownies came out a bit dry.

This was disappointing to the little one so I tried to comfort her. "Hey mistakes in the kitchen happen-it's how we learn-I"ve ruined plenty of things"

and she says to me "Like the blue car?"

Outta nowhere. That hurt.
Kids don't stab you in the back, they stab you in the face.
Don't Try

Support bacteria, itís the only culture some people have.
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