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Originally Posted by madsen203 View Post
Put in some 215.vm2.K5 fluid....we'll see if it is all that it is cracked up to be. Confirmed they did the free piston mod on the YZ SSS forks. Added extra fluid to compensate. We'll see if I can get it dialed in.

Considering going to Stony this weekend to stay Saturday night and ride all day Sunday. Thinking Cedar camp if I still have the rental.

Slowly getting this bike back to spec and hopefully will enjoy some time on it before it gets put away for a few weeks.
I used to use that fluid in YZ forks until a year or two ago. Just threw away a bottle and half of it. Not because it was bad or I didnt like it, just too expensive and I was simplifying. Use Belray of varying viscosities in all my bikes now. Easier to stock one brand in the garage than many for me. I honestly couldnt tell a significant difference.

I am hoping to be back up north Saturday night if you want to ride Sunday closer to me like Middle Creek or Cow. The Mendo Rally is happening this weekend at Lake Pilsbury, I might do a big dual sport loop up there Sunday. Or if you were around, some two smokin on single track.
I'm looking for 1970 or older project like a CB350 or Triumph 650. Cheap and complete. PM me if you have something - will provide it a good home.

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