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Confession of a Long Distance Ride(r)- Almost no pictures

I recently went to Colorado Springs for some combination work/play/healing and decided to ride there and back. Camping/hotelling and riding the miles. Often times I need a lot of hours in my helmet to clear away the distractions. And often times I get moving and I keep moving. For a few days... It's why there aren't a lot of pictures.

I have a few take-aways from this trip which I'll share at the end.

Day 1 was a 730-ish mile blast out of the North Bay to Maple Grove Campground. It's a nice NF Campground of about 15 sites and I imagine sees a lot of traffic, since there are numerous warnings about occupying your site and having someone there the first night. highway 50 never disappoints. I had a cup of coffee in Fernley, Breakfast in Austin and was 150 miles into Utah by 5:30 their time.

A creek running right next to my site drown the generators of the Mo-Hos, who were respectful with their use and shut them off nice and early.

I packed a small drone I bought in The Classifieds right here on BARF. Got a great deal and still have some learning to do.

Panorama of the valley Maple Grove is in- this is the stretch of 50 between Scipio and Salina (UT).

Maple Grove:

Very few bugs, a nice spaghetti dinner and some time with a book rounded off the evening which cooled off, but never got cold.

Day 2 Shortly

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