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Name: Butch
Some of us can ride on weekdays from say 10 till 2... i could meet you at Alices.

This is bucket list stuff. That and riding down the coast past Big Sur on a Wednesday.
Hodaka Ace 90. I've been riding these things too long. What can I say? How about that Combat Wombat?

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and get a dirtbike! preferably a 2 stroke... Or... Electric!
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Name: George
You should do a 2 day ride man.

Come through mnt hamilton by the lick observatory. Then make your way by metcalf and onto uvas
Over hecker pass hwy 152
Then onto 9 to 35 to 84 to 1 south
Down 1 past big sur onto naciemneto Ferguson
Through king city to hwy 25 north
Then 101 back over mnt Hamilton and home

Check out a ton this area has in 1 weekend

Best weekend of your life!
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Name: Mia
There are plenty of roads to ride in santa cruz that aren't a shit show on the weekends. Try Felton to ice cream grade and then out to Bonny Dune (Highway 1). From there you can take your pick and travel north to some cool beaches like Davenport or go all the way to San Francisco and make your way across the Golden Gate to Mt. Tamalpais or head south to Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, etc. Either way you can't go wrong.
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