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Tour of california

First off, this forum is amazing with the amount of content.

In early october i'm doing a tour of california, i'll be trailering my bike and I'll be camping. I'll be entering california from the North and plan to make my first stop around redding for some lopps around there. I'm not doing any dirt as I'm doing this on a zx10r.

I'm planning on heading south from Redding, how far south I get all depends on the roads and if it seems worth it. I'm curious what some of the absolutely must not miss roads are or loops, including long day loops.

If there is a thread that I should be reading over that answers this please point me that way.
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There are a lot of trip reports in this forum.

HWY 1 down the coast from the Eureka to SF basically is awesome, so it South from Monterey.

HWY 4, 109, 89 is a sweet loop being connected by 395 on the east side of the sierra's. 120 is beautiful, but you pay a fee and it is to be appreciated at a slower pace.

HWY 58 out of Paso towards So Cal is fun.. and it connects to 33 and other good stuff down there.

The Rally thread is another good one to look at.
There are a bunch of pics on those in MotoPhoto's.

Have fun man!
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San Jose to Livermore - Mount Hamilton to Mines road. Pretty tight for a litre bike, and very technical. Beautiful views. Terrain and roads change every few miles. Worthwhile refueling and turning right around, rather than completing the loop via highway.

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Pretty much just bring up Google Maps and all those highways in the coastal mountains of Northern California are great motorcycle roads. Highways 36, 3, 299, 96 - all good. There are lots of great side roads beyond the state highways too, depending on how tolerate of goaty roads you are.

Don't miss Hwy 1 south from Leggett. It's a fun road that usually has light traffic, and at the bottom the Pacific is revealed in dramatic fashion. That's where I took this picture.

Then of course there are the good roads that cross the Sierras. 70, 49, 88, 4, 108.
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if you're up near Redding, ride 36 out to the coast and back
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A few days in Redding sounds about right. A day for Lassen on the east side of 5, maybe 2 days for the Trinity Alps west of 5. Other good bases would be around Clearlake, a day on the Mendocino coast (20, 128, the northern bit of 1, skaggs), and a day around Berryessa / Napa. From San Jose you can hit the Santa Cruz mountains (9/35/84 and all the rest of the smaller roads), Umunhum, and Mt Hamilton / Mines. From SLO you can hit 1 through Big Sur, Hwy 25 and 198 to Coalinga, Nacimiento-Ferg, and a bunch of other fun little roads around Paso. Down in LA spend a day in the Malibu canyons, and a day up on the Angeles Crest. And then you can probably easily spend a week in the Sierra, the fun stuff starts just north Bakersfield and doesn't stop till you're back at Lassen.

Basically, if you're planning on riding until the fun stops, you're going to be riding for a long, long time.
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Thanks for the quick replies, I'll be digging through ride reports and plotting all the mentioned roads on the map.

Originally Posted by sckego View Post
Basically, if you're planning on riding until the fun stops, you're going to be riding for a long, long time.
You hit the nail on the head as to what my plan is, base camp, ride and then move. Thanks for the area's to consider for base camp.
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Somebody else mentioned it, but if you are riding south from Redding, you will miss some of the BEST riding in the country.
Go west from Redding and ride 299 to the coast. Next, ride south to Fortuna and go east again on HWY 36 to Redbluff. You will like that road SO much, that you will turn around and ride it BACK to the coast. Go south on 101 to Leggitt and take HWY 1 from Leggitt to the coast. Ride the 1 south as far as you want and zig-zag back and forth over the mountains between the coast and 101. So much good stuff there.
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A lot of my favorite roads have been mentioned already... if you take 3 North from Weaverville, you can hang a left towards Callahan then another left to Cecileville (there’s gas there).

Cecileville-Callahan RD is awesome and very little traffic too!
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