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Riding in Rain at Night

Got caught out a month ago for the first time in a decent rain in the dark. Talk about suicide on a two lane (one each way) twisty highway. The glare of oncoming headlights on the rain on my faceshield was completely blinding. Or am I just a wuss?
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just ride every day rain or shine and you won't be a wuss. at least 40 miles. each way.
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I don't understand why supporting your weight w/ your leg's and just skimming the seat w/ your butt would help in a rainy situation??? Could someone clarify this a lil more?

I know it's the end of the rainy season but I am still curious on this one
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koi, I believe the answer to your question is this:

Originally Posted by Gary J View Post
Along with this anchoring of the lower legs/feet to the bike in these contact areas, there is certainly some pressure/force being kept in a downward vector direction on the outside peg. So hence, some outside peg "weighting" is going on.

If the rear tire loses a bit of grip and does slip sideways when cornering, a conscious effort to direct a higher percentage of that combined inside/outside peg contact force ...... to the "outside" peg ...... does come into play. The objective being to resist the bike's tendency to rotate around its center axis (e.g. lose some of its near vertical attitude), as a result of the tire's outward lateral movement.
My take on it is that you stand on the pegs so that if you feel the rear starting to slide, you can immediately transfer your weight to the outside peg. If you were sitting with most of your weight on the seat, you couldn't do that. Using the pegs to apply torque to the bike to counter a slide (it wants to rotate down to the ground -- you want to rotate it back up from the ground) would only work if the bike was just barely leaned over. That's probably why it's only a wet riding technique and not normally done on dry pavement.
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Seems like a good time to a classic Gary J thread.
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A year later and the first time I have read this thread.

Lots of good information in Gary J's original post.
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