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Stockton on Friday, $30 all day

Apologies for double post (also in mini moto section) but wanted to make sure to reach out to people with SM as well.

Stockton on Friday 10am, $30 to ride all day. Bring your SuperMoto, miniMoto, scooter, or ninja 250 and ride as much as you want.

Bring friends. All experience levels.

I will be having some fun with different track configurations as well as some interesting practice drills on the paddock.
Do you want more confidence on your own bike before hitting the road? Just getting back into motorcycling? Looking to check out what a track day is all about, but want to try it in an easy-paced and controlled environment to see if you're ready?
Check out Z2 RoadRider 2.0!
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I'd be there if I had Friday off
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