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Ninja 650r slipper clutch swap. 2017 slipper to earlier models

Just putting this out there for the world.

the 2017-18 ninja 650r slipper clutch can be retrofitted onto the early/pre 2017 models. It's all a direct bolt-on retro fit.

the '17 clutch operates more smoothly, drastically reduces wheel hop and makes it way easier to back into turns.

It's no longer riding season in some parts of the US, so all the wadded low mile '17 parts are slowly trickling in on ebay. All told, i was able to get mine from for $210.

These are the parts that you need from the '17. Working bottom to top in the diagram.


outer hub -- 13095

Inner & Outer washer -- 92026

Outer hub sleeve -- 92139


Inner hub -- 13087

CLUTCH PACK (you need the whole pack)
Judder spring washer & Spring -- 92200A + 92145B
Plates and steels: Total count should be 13 pcs. 7 friction + 6 steels. Note: Friction plate 13088 have a smaller inner diameter; inner pack, to accommodate the judder spring. Outer pack, to interface the pressure plate.
13089C is a special steel plate that works with the pressure plate.

Spacer -- 92022

Washer -- 92022A (I re-used this from the earlier models.)

PRESSURE PLATE ASSEMBLY -- I used the entire assembly.

13116 THROUGH 92154

Pressure plate lifter pin -- 13116 '17 model has an oil grove cut into the large flange. Dimensionally the part appears to be the same as the older models.

And that's it!

I'll report if any issues come up.
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