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Arrow ** LEO Forum FAQ's/ Important threads - check here before posting **

LEO questions....answered!

The definitive lanesharing thread

How to treat a non-operative traffic light. (When a stoplight doesn't change for you.)

Police Motorcycle Training

Becoming a LEO 101

Why Motorcops don't wear superior protective equipment.

Non-lethal force - When justified?

Welcome to the LEO FAQ and Discussion

LEO FORUM LIBRARY: CA Vehicle Code, Laws, Links & Resources

Top of Form LEO FORUM LIBRARY: CA Vehicle Code, Laws, Links and Resources

Ticket help requirements. Want help? Read this

Mods, please feel free to add/edit this thread.

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Re: Leo section Faq's- check here before posting

If you are looking for information on one of the topics above, please by all means, check out the appropriate thread and if your specific question is not answered, ask your question to that thread.

If you got stopped and cited or warned and you have a question about the alleged violation or how to deal with the ticket, please be sure to read the "Ticket Help Requirements Thread" first.

Threads about tickets that do not give the basics will likely be ignored. I don't have time to play "20-Questions" and neither do the other officers, deputies and CHP officers here. If you really want some good advice and/or assistance from the cops that get paid to write tickets and testify in court on violations, follow the THRT (Ticket Help Requirements Thread) guidelines. Otherwise, you will likely just get rants, wisecracks and the same B.S. you would get most everywhere else on BARF... like in the GENERAL forum. We are here to try to help and you'll make it much easier on us if you provide the details we need to give a complete, honest and informed answer (based upon the facts, as given). As always, it is better to be complete as possible, but feel free to change a few minor details if you are concerned any admissions in your post may be used against you. Remember, this is a public forum.

You will likely get a lot of "I'm not a cop but..." responses and you can take those with a grain of salt. There are some that have had the very same experience and are not guessing or basing their response on urban myth, conjecture or "I used to know a guy that knew a guy that said...", but rather, actual first-hand experience. Many of those can be valuable too.

PMs for 1-on-1 advice will generally be ignored. If it is worth asking, it is worth asking in the open forum. Others may have had the same experience and/or done significant research on the topic and you can benefit from that here. The truth is, 1-on-1 does little to add to the value of this forum and becomes a very time-consuming proposition.

Cop-bashing (aka: LEO-bashing) is not permitted in the BARF LEO Forum. This includes attacks on other BARF members offering advice and insight, generic LEO-bashing, namecalling and anti-police rants in general, which do nothing to help anyone's situation or the gathering and exchange of pertinent information. Stuff like that only creates a "sour taste" for the few active (participating) LEOs we are lucky to have in the forum. These LEOs help contribute to this forum and there is just no need to slam them or their co-workers here. Please help us all out by taking any anti-police rhetoric elsewhere and “policing” each other to keep the forum free of it (a bit of peer pressure goes a long way).

ONE MORE THING... Please be advised that blatantly incorrect info or advice may have a MOD note added to point out misinformation or erroneous information. Our primary goal here is to squash myth, misinformation and bad intel... not help perpetuate it. This means, if you don't know for sure, refrain from posting answers here. It also means, whether you are a LEO or not, if you post bad info (as to the law) expect to get called on it and if you post good info, be prepared to back it up with an outside source, published case law or a code section.

Good luck and stay safe!
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